Our Second Little Miracle

A once infertile couple gets ready to welcome Baby Brother

Some Scary Moments

Well, there have been some tense moments since last Thursday evening.  Before I get into the details, I’ll say that everything is okay as far as we know, so none of you worry.  It’s just been a bit scary for this mama lately.  Also, this is the official disclaimer that this may be TMI (too much information) for some of you, so be warned.  🙂

Those of you who know me well, know that I am a worrier.  It was worse during my last pregnancy, because I didn’t have much to distract me from thoughts of the very many ways things could go wrong.  This time around has been easier in that respect, because while I still have concerns, I can’t focus on them as much as I normally would.  And that is thanks to Matthew.  Not a lot of time for obsessing about things that could happen, or searching the web for information, when you are chasing a busy toddler around the house.  And since we are comfortably past the 24-week viability mark, I’ve been feeling fairly confident that all will continue to go smoothly. 

Last Thursday night, I was getting ready for bed.  I had just used the toilet downstairs and went to get a drink of water in the kitchen.  As I left the kitchen and headed for the stairs, I felt like my underwear were wet–and not just a little.  They were soaked through, actually and there was some whitish discharge too.  My heart stopped for a few moments, I think, because I was afraid my water had broken.  😦  Although when it broke with Matthew, it was much more forceful.  I always liken it to a rocket going off between my legs.  But I was also in the birthing tub when it happened, so I can’t say for sure how much different the two instances of fluid loss were.  Even though my underwear were soaked, there was no puddle on the floor, so it didn’t seem like I had lost ALL of my amniotic fluid, if it even was that.  Still, I was freaked. 

I called up the stairs for Michael to come help me and then I called my midwife, Dana.  She said that I should monitor things and if I lost more fluid during the night, I should call her so that we could meet and she could check me.  They have some tests that can tell if fluid is amniotic fluid or normal discharge or pee.  It smelled like pee to me (sorry, I know, gross), but of course, I still worried. 

Plus, my tummy felt tight like I was having a contraction, and that didn’t help allay my fears either.  I would just like to say right now that I am NOT a fan of Braxton-Hicks contractions.  Not that any pregnant woman likely is.  I think I get more of them than the average woman (I got a lot of them with Matthew too), and they make me worry that I am going into preterm labor.

So I got into bed, lying on my left side, with a pillow between my legs and a towel underneath me, and tried to sleep.  Every time I started to fall asleep, I’d feel my tummy tightening in a contraction.  Just the top part of my womb seemed to be contracting, which has been happening a lot this pregnancy.  After several times of almost being asleep and then being woken up, I took some of the herbal tincture that Dana had given me at one of my previous prenatal appointments.  It helps calm the uterus when things get a little too active.  I ended up taking more an hour later and after that I was finally able to get to sleep.

There was no more fluid loss overnight or the next day and I began to breathe easier.  Things would be okay.  It must have just been a hidden pocket of pee, as my friend suggested. 

Everything was fine until yesterday afternoon.  Michael and I put Matthew in the car and went for a drive since it was a nice sunny day.  We like to cruise around different neighborhoods and see where we might potentially like to move.  Matthew started saying, “outside, outside,” while we were driving, so we thought that if we came upon a park, we’d stop and let him run around a bit.

We did actually stumble across what turned out to be a private park with a swimming pool and tennis courts.  I’m pretty sure it was only for residents of the neighborhood we were driving through, but we didn’t realize that until we were leaving. 

I had Matthew’s red plastic pail and toy shovels in the car and he had fun playing in the bark chips around the playground equipment.  He also went down the big slide with Papa, which he always thinks is the most fantastic thing. 

I needed to use a bathroom by that time (2.5 pound baby pressing on my bladder), and I decided to head for the clubhouse to ask if I could use one.  I had just turned the corner of the building, out of sight of Michael and Matthew, when my ankle twisted (clogs had a bit of a heel) and down I went to the pavement.  Luckily, most of my weight ended up on my left knee and palm–my belly didn’t hit the ground at all.  But I felt another gush of fluid as I went down and that was worrisome. 

I made it to the building and checked myself out in the bathroom.  My knee was scraped and bleeding, but my hand was okay.  My underwear were soaked again, but it didn’t seem like as much fluid as before.  I guessed it was pee, from the weight of the baby on my full bladder as I went down, but I was still worried.

After I got back to the playground area, I texted Dana and told her what happened.  She said I should sit down and monitor the baby’s movement for a couple of hours.  I was to look for 10 movements in two hours.  That freaked me out because I figured she would say that as long as I hadn’t hit my belly on anything, the baby would be fine.  I sat down and started looking at my phone online to see what other women’s experiences falling at 29 weeks had been.  They were all comforting posts . . . many pregnant women had fallen (some even directly on their bellies!) and everything had turned out fine with their babies.  The women who fell on their bellies had to be monitored for 24 hours at the hospital.  I think the main concerns in those instances were preterm labor and placental abruption (where the placenta is partially or completely torn away from the womb). 

The baby moved quite a bit while I was sitting in the park (probably got jostled awake when I fell), and that was comforting.  I was still shaken and my knee hurt a lot, but other than that, I was fine.  I got away lucky.  I was SO thankful that I didn’t fall on my belly!  I would have been an utter basket case if that had happened. 

Last night my shoulder ached some on the arm that took the brunt of my fall and my knee continued to be sore, but there was no more fluid loss as far as I could tell and only my “normal” number of Braxton-Hicks contractions.  I was able to sleep about 4 hours straight and that felt really nice.

And today, I feel pretty well.  The baby has been moving fine and I haven’t had too many contractions.  I was even able to make a grocery trip with Matthew this morning, which always tires me out.  Planning to rest this afternoon and make my grandma’s recipe for oatmeal scotchie cookies.  ❤

Tomorrow we hit 30 weeks!  I’ll try to remember to post a belly pic.  🙂  


28 Week Andaluz Visit

Matthew and I met with Dana today at Andaluz. Dana was our midwife at Matthew’s birth and she has been seeing me for prenatal visits this time around too.

Today’s visit wasn’t an official prenatal appointment. I had my blood drawn to check my thyroid and iron levels, and to get a complete blood count. So far I have been able to remain on the same thyroid dose I was taking pre-pregnancy. With Matthew, I had to take an increased dosage. I also picked up a glucose monitor and will test my blood for a week, in lieu of drinking the glucose solution and having my blood drawn.

I did the regular glucose test with Matthew and felt pretty horrible afterward. I feel confident about testing my blood on my own and if anything looks high, I’ll do the glucose test. I’m supposed to do three fasting blood draws (first thing in the morning), three blood draws one hour after I’ve eaten, and three blood draws two hours after I’ve eaten. Should be pretty easy and I’m expecting everything to be normal.

Our next prenatal appointment will be in two weeks with Tracy. I’ve seen her one time so far. Katie is the other midwife who is taking care of me and either she or Tracy will be the “official” midwife at Baby Brother’s birth. I had been a little bit sad thinking that Dana might not be available to be our midwife (at our first visit, she said she was thinking of going back to school to earn an advanced degree). Today she told me that her plans have changed and while she won’t be going back to school, she won’t be working at Andaluz after July. But she said she wants to be at the birth and be involved. She told the other midwives to call her when I go into labor so she can be there. I could not be happier. Love her so much.

We did get to hear Baby Brother’s heartbeat today and it sounded steady and strong, as always. I love hearing it. Matthew was up on the bed with me and he grinned really big when we heard the heartbeat. He is going to be the best big brother EVER.

Baby Brother Is Coming!

I have been meaning and meaning and MEANING to get this blog started for a really long time now.  Basically ever since we found out that we were pregnant.  I’ll use the excuses of pretty heavy morning sickness and chasing an energetic toddler around as my reasons for being so late.  Now that I have 12 weeks left in my pregnancy, I figured I should get a little something down to document and commemorate this very special, very unexpected and very welcome event in our lives: the arrival of Matthew’s baby brother. 

We are so grateful for you, little man.  Mama and Papa and Matthew love you very much already.  Matthew says “brother inside, brother inside . . . Mama.”  I think he is beginning to understand about you.  And today when we heard your heartbeat, he smiled really big. 

I don’t want you to read this when you are older and think that you weren’t special because your mama started this pregnancy blog when she was 7 months along with you. 

You are special.

You are welcome.

You are so loved.

We are all excited to meet you in a couple more months.

❤ ❤ ❤