Baby Brother Is Coming!

by Amy Hoffman

I have been meaning and meaning and MEANING to get this blog started for a really long time now.  Basically ever since we found out that we were pregnant.  I’ll use the excuses of pretty heavy morning sickness and chasing an energetic toddler around as my reasons for being so late.  Now that I have 12 weeks left in my pregnancy, I figured I should get a little something down to document and commemorate this very special, very unexpected and very welcome event in our lives: the arrival of Matthew’s baby brother. 

We are so grateful for you, little man.  Mama and Papa and Matthew love you very much already.  Matthew says “brother inside, brother inside . . . Mama.”  I think he is beginning to understand about you.  And today when we heard your heartbeat, he smiled really big. 

I don’t want you to read this when you are older and think that you weren’t special because your mama started this pregnancy blog when she was 7 months along with you. 

You are special.

You are welcome.

You are so loved.

We are all excited to meet you in a couple more months.

❤ ❤ ❤